Get Paid to Write Lists: 10 Sites That Offer $200 Per Article

1. ListVerse certainly has a reputation for being one of the greatest repositories of information in this space.

They cover from the mildly entertaining material to really hard science and everything in between.

They expect you to come up with a list of 10, which can be anything under the sun.

You need to make sure you are at least handing in 10 items in your list, or it will be ignored.

Additionally, your list of 10 must have 1500 words or more. They would not consider anything less.

2. Cracked

If you have a story to tell and you can tell it in a funny way, this website here is an obvious choice to make online money.

But it is not so straightforward.

First is the prerequisite registration, and you then try to sell your ideas for a list.

If you get lucky, you can then go on and produce a list that gets you paid.

The site gets more than 300 million monthly page views, so it is well worth a shot.

3. AlistApart

The content at this website is split into three categories:

  1. mini-articles
  2. articles
  3. features

You may want to check out the exact requirement for the content, as this may change from time to time.

But generally, they do expect articles to be of 1,500–2,500 words for feature articles, 600–1,500 words for articles, and 500–600 words for mini-articles.

There is a slant towards the web world, so everything related to web technologies will be appreciated.

4. WondersList

Wonderslist does not place any constraint on the list of 10.

There is no standard topic here. They cover almost anything you can think of. So you are free to create lists open just about anything you can think of.

They expect the articles to be more than 800 words but pay only $5, which is pathetic if you ask me.

But since this is a list of sites that pay you to write lists, I am including any sites that actually pays regardless of how much.

5. WhatCulture

I call infotainment, a mixture of information and entertainment sort.

The content is mostly made up of informative facts, told in a humorous way.

If you can handle this aspect of writing well, the payback can be hugely rewarding as compensation is measured according to page views.

6. Sporteology

As you can guess from the name, they cover sports-related stuff.

No matter whether you are into NBA or NFL, if you are capable of citing a series of statistics, then your work will be worth something.

No, they don’t expect you to be at the level of a sports pundit, but they do want you to be sure of your facts.

Additionally, you can also submit news articles on the development of any sports anywhere in the world.

What I like about them is that they actually send you your payment within 24 hours of your article being accepted.

7. KnowledgeNuts

In a strict sense, they should not be classified as a listing website. You can find stories of the most bizarre and controversial nature here.

And they will pay you $10 for “obscure or little-known” facts.

Naturally, you can expect the acceptance rate is not high here.

If you want to work with this website, I suggest you do your fair share of homework before pushing your article out to them. You’ve got to use your own judgment if your effort is worth it.

8. HistoryList

Update: They have stopped accepting submission for now.

As the name suggests, they want depictions of historical facts, not some imagination flowing out from your creative mind.

If you know your history well, this can be the place for small and regular change.

But first, you have to fit your historical events into a 70 words (no more than 200 words) description.

9. TopFiveBuzz

This is an interesting website that lets you list 5 items in each post.

You are not bound to write on any particular subject, so it is entirely up to your creativity.


  • Typical payment you can expect: $5 to 100
  • Article submission page/form:

This is one of my most interesting findings doing this work. When I first saw it, I was blown away by the richness of ideas overflowing here.

They talk about the most straightforward stuff to the mythical sorts and everything else in between.






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